Co-workers and comrades in the global movement,
 After the owners abandoned the factory, we, the workers of VIO.ME., decided collectively to operate the factory under workers’ control and self-management through our assembly.
From that moment on we have been fighting and we have carried out the decision of the assembly. We have achieved to produce products for our subsistence, using the means of production we expropriated.
Since the moment we entered the factory and started the preliminary work we have on our side a big part of the global movement and support of various labour structures and social struggles. So, we have succeeded in keeping our own, but also our families’ dignity and we are keeping up the struggle with great passion and strength.
At this time, while we are under attack in different fronts, we ask and demand from the state to solve the operational problem of abandoned factories. In that way, we will be able to distribute the products, which are produced from natural raw materials, so they are accessible to all families. Thus, we will be able to keep the factory alive, contributing to the wellbeing of the whole of society.
At this moment the judicial authorities are targeting the project of VIO.ME., so we ask for political support from any structure that can support us through resolutions and other activities.
We join our voices and our power on Monday 16 of December and we exchange experiences through the internet with various global labour and social struggles, in order to  to bring about the management of production by the producers themselves. Co-workers and comrades, we no longer accept the previous slavery even if it is in a golden cage, rather we demand and fight for our absolute freedom.
On Monday 16 of December, we distribute our products throughout the day in the social space for freedom Micropolis, we cook all together, and in the evening we celebrate with music for all the self-managed factories.
Solidarity greetings from the workers of VIO.ME.
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