Justice has worked (even though Filgueram’s liquidator hasn’t been indicated for partiality)!
After reading carefully the verdict about the appointment for the Provisional administration of VIOME we have reached the following conclusions:
First of all, the request of Filgueram’s liquidator hasn’t been accepted. According to this request, the Fillipou family would be appointed as provisional administration of VIOME, with the aim of bringing the body into a general assembly of the company in order to appoint a regular administration and bring the company into bankruptcy.
On the contrary, one of the three members we, the workers, had suggested for the provisional administration has been accepted (the other two members were selected from the Court’s list of experts, and their impartiality will be constantly under control). The most important thing is that the Provisional Administration’s obligations include a financial control and the reorganization of the company of VIOME.
It is recognized that the ones who guarantee the safety and the right function should be controlled, something that we, the workers, have taken care of. It is also recognized, even silently, that the best ones to guarantee the factory’s property are the workers ourselves.
The verdict clearly shows that the court didn’t take into account the lies on the part of the liquidator and her witness, who were trying to caluminate us, the workers, who are the  victims of this case.
We are sure that, struggling on and keeping our projects in the forefront of the fight, we will be able to have a victorious result and gain our right in life and dignity, for ourselves and our families.
Combatively, the workers of VIOME
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