To every human with disability, with chronic disease and her/his family.

To every human with disability living in institutionalized conditions.

To every parent and custodian of a human with heavy and multiple disability.

To every refugee with disability.

To every orphan child with mental disability, autism, down’s syndrome, multiple heavy disabilities, heavy physical disability, chronic mental “disorders” which induce to a permanent rate of disability,
A letter to every fighter for THE RIGHT TO A LIFE WITH DIGNITY!
Via this letter we declare our solidarity and support in your struggle for a life with dignity acknowledging the fact that, this is a struggle that should concern us all without exception, the whole society.

Via this letter we address you from the bottom of a heart of another struggle for dignity in life that started many years ago. We write to you from the heart of a factory, here in Thessaloniki [Greece], that beats differently, from inside the recuperated and self-managed factory of VIO.ME.

When the bosses abandoned the factory, in 2011, the workers decided unanimously that they wouldn’t die and that they would live with dignity, they and their families. And so, in front of the employers’ impunity they shouted loudly: “If you cannot, we can!”. They took the production of the factory in their own hands, without bosses and managers, under the workers’ control and the control of society, and from the February of 2013 they produce and trade natural and ecological products, advocating a struggle for dignity in labour and in all aspects of life.

Their ally in this struggle, that spread over from Latin America to Central Europe and the Mediterranean, is the society itself. Workers who have experienced the arbitrariness and the violence of the authority in our workplace and in our lives, the devaluation of human dignity and existence, whether it comes from the entrepreneurs or from managers, presidents and their followers, who, hooked on authority, believe that can decide for us, without us. But we all, along with the workers of VIO.ME. took another road…and we decided to take the matter in our hands, to take our lives in our hands.

We have met with you many times. We are among you and beside you every day, whether because we are people with disabilities, whether because we have friends and relatives with disabilities, whether because we have fought for the right to a life with dignity together with people with disability, from inside or outside of our workplace.

We stand by the side of the people with disability in their struggle for emancipation; a struggle for social liberation that opposes poverty, racism, pity, charity, stigmatizing and institutionalizing thinking and practices; a struggle that opposes social exclusion and internment.

A struggle that advocates total respect for people with disability and their total access to all fields of life. A struggle that demands respect in the values of autonomy, equality and dignity for humans with disability, that condemns unequal treatment and discrimination in all of their aspects, that claims to be a possession of the whole society, that integrates disability in all fields of life and of social life.

A struggle in which humans with disability themselves take the issue in their own hands. “Nothing about us without us!”
We particularly declare our support to humans with disability living enclosed in institutionalized conditions, who have experienced the violence and dehumanization.
We address to you this letter to unite our voices, to meet, to converse, to co-create communities of solidarity and coexistence and to fight together because social and labour struggles are not negotiable!!!

In solidarity and struggle,

Solidarity initiative to Vio.Me. – Thessalonica
Vio.Me. Workers’ Cooperative
Workers’ Health Care Centre to VIO.ME

3rd December 2018

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