The workersof the cooperative BIO.ME, we want to inform, both the social control – which we seek – and the people who support our effort for another economy, which is at the service of society and not the few, for where the social capital, which supports the operation of the factory (even without electricity), is at the moment.

Now, the operation of the factory is supported by two large generators: 30 and 31 KVA, for the production process, and by two other small generators: 5 and 6 KVA, for the guarding of the space. The two large ones and one smaller one passed into our possession with a purchase. We received the second small generator from an offer of the solidarity movement in Germany.

We also inform the society that supports us or that wants to support us by using the products of BIO.ME, that we are now completely shielded in terms of production and can cover any order without deficiencies. And in fact, with renewed products, with new quality recipes and the addition of deionized water to all products. Despite the new conditions of quality, but also of the energy – which is much more expensive – we try as much as possible not to pass these costs on to the lower-class families.

In solidarity,
workers at Biome Cooperative

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