Hands off the recuperated and self-managed factory of VIOME!
No to the auction and to the plans
of the State and ex-owners to destroy the factory!

The workers of VIOME are struggling, for six years now, to keep their jobs in the factory that the former owners abandoned.
They are managing the factory under worker control:
With participation, in the control of the production and distribution, both by the workers and the society.
With control of all economic management through and by the assemblies.
With full equality in decision-making, since each of the workers has only one vote.
With equal pay for equal work time.
With the orientation of production to social and environmental needs and not to the accumulation of profits.
We defend their struggle because in it we see the possibility of the working people to take in their hands the economy and their own life. We shout with them: “If they can not, we can!”
We demand that the auctions of the lands, where the recuperated factory is located, to be stopped and that the facilities to be handed over to the Cooperative of the Workers of VIOME to continue, without any obstacles, the workers’ self-management.

  1. Ramón Carlos Romainville – «alpha and omega» community movement – Peru
  2. Barbara Gonzalez – Santa Ana Space of Cerro Cordillera – Chile (Valparaiso)
  3. Àngel Bosqued – Secretaría de Relaciones Internacionales de CGT. – Spain
  4. Andres Ruggeri – Assistant Professor in the Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche – Argentina (Buenos Aires)
  5. Luigi (Gigi) Malabarba – Rimaflow – Italia (Milan)
  6. Carlos E. Martinez – Capital-Work relationship program. Ciecs Conicet. National University of Córdoba, Argentina – Argentina (Cordoba)
  8. Liliam Eugenia Gómez Álvarez – PhD.Eco-Etología, Ingeniera Agrónoma Presidente Consejo seccional de plaguicidas de Antioquia Medellín. – Colombia (Medellín)
  9. Mario Hernandez – member of the Directive Committee of the Media Coordinator of the CABA (COMECI) and of the Committee for the withdrawal of the Argentine troops from Haiti. – Argentina
  10. Héctor Freire – Ana Laura Xiques, Silvia Espósito, periodistas de FM La Boca (90.1) – Argentina
  11. Ricardo Napurí – former constituent deputy (1979) and senator (1980-5) Peruvian – Argentina
  12. Ricardo Antunes – Universidad de Campinas (SP) – Brazil
  13. Renán Vega Cantor – National Pedagogical University – Colombia (Bogota)
  14. Antonino Infranca – Filosofer – Italia
  15. Guillermo Almeyra – member of the National Academy of Sciences of Mexico – France (Marseilles)
  16. James Petras – Sociologist, University of Binghamton – USA (NY)
  17. Henry Veltmeyer – Sociologist, Saint Mary’s University (Halifax) – Canada (New Scotia)
  18. Mónica Riet – Committee member for the withdrawal of the Uruguayan troops from Haiti – Uruguay
  19. Alberto Espiñeira – Worker and affiliate CGT – Spain
  20. “Darío Santillán” Baccalaureate – Students and teachers of the “Darío Santillán” Baccalaureate – Argentina (Buenos Aires)
  21. Maria Teresa – Lisangà Association of Italy – Italy
  22. Pepe Borrás Tarín   –   Spain
  23. Juan Manuel Moreno Almansa – Engineering and Quality Manager – Spain
  24. Carlos Ghioldi – Trade Union Secretary CTA of the Rosario Regional Workers – Argentina (Rosario)
  25. Alberto Arbizu – Cooperative of solidarity workers in struggle – Argentina (Rosario)
  26. Antonio Centurión – Cooperative of solidarity workers in struggle – Argentina (Rosario)
  27. Néstor Fiuri – Cooperative of solidarity workers in struggle – Argentina (Rosario)
  28. Lorena Baroso – Cooperative of solidarity workers in struggle – Argentina (Rosario)
  29. Emilia Ghioldi Molina – Cultural center de la Toma – Argentina (Rosario)
  30. Pablo ODuyer – Cultural center de la Toma – Argentina (Rosario)
  31. Augusto Alvarez – Cultural center de la Toma – Argentina (Rosario)
  32. Sandra Bonfanti – Comisión gremial – Argentina (Rosario)
  33. Sandra Molina – Comisión gremial – Argentina (Rosario)
  34. Jorge Izquierdo – Comisión gremial – Argentina (Rosario)
  35. Sergio Latuca – Comisión gremial – Argentina (Rosario)
  36. Paco Urondo News Agency – Paco Urondo News Agency – Argentina
  37. Blanca Riva –  – Italy
  38. Maria Teresa Messidoro – No Tav – Italy
  39. Hugo Usseglio – No Tav – Italy
  40. Hugo Oscar Cabrera – FECEDABA Feferation of shelf managed cooperatives in Buenos Aires – Argentina (Buenos Aires)
  41. Salvador López-Arnal – National University of Distance Education – Spain 

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