14.20 After the success of today’s mobilization, the protesters are leaving, while the workers thank all who with courage and responsibility gathered together to block the cogs of bureaucracy. A battle was won, but the struggle continues! The auction procedure continues next Thursday.

14.10 An important victory for the struggle of VIOME! The  judicial clerk in charge of the auction just announced its postponement, citing irregularities in legal documents. However, nobody can deny that the postponement is a result of the dynamic mobilization of around 250 supporters, who filled the halls of the courthouse and demonstrated that the struggle for dignity and self-determination cannot be intimidated, cannot be auctioned, cannot be liquidated!

13.40 Workersand supporters of VIOMElock their arms and build a dignity chain to prevent the auction, to defend themselves against the attack of the state to this successful example of self-management.

13.30 Riot police are fully equipped with riot gear and tear gas. If there is an attack on such a narrow space, there will be panic and suffocation. Is the police ready to take responsibility fro such a crime?
13.20 It is the turn of  the auction of VIOME. The supporters are alert. Will they need to actively confront a bidder and / or the riot police?
13.00 There are widespread rumours that the bid that will be presented at the acution does not affect VIOME, but the protesters keep on blockading the place to prevent the auction process, until there is tangible evidence that the offer applies only to movable property of parent company Filkeram. The atmosphere is tense, the time of the auction is near andthe possibility of a violent conformation cannot be axcluded.

12.50 According to information from the judicial authorities, there will be 13 auctions today in the bankruptcy court and VIOME is the sixth in the queue. Right now the second auction is taking place.

12.30 There are unconfirmed reports from various sources that there will be a bid in the auction, but it concerns movable property of (parent company) Filkeram and does not affect the subsidiary VIOME. The protesters of course will not allow the prospective buyer to approach, as can the rumour can be false.

12.20 Police calls for the path to open, the protesters will not accept it. The bankruptcy trustee refuses to cancel the auction. Ther is a lot of police present and even more VIOME supporters.
12.10 Reports say that the police  will intervene if only if there is bid at the auction. If they attempt to repress so many people in such a tight space, will be a crime.
12.00 It is the time of the formal start of the auction, and the hall of Thessalonikis bankruptcy courts is now blocked by protesters in solidarity with the struggle of the workers of VIOME for self management of the factory. A strong message to the authorities, judges, former owners and prospective buyers that in their efforts to liquidate the premises and to evict the workers cooperative from the factory they will be confronted by the whole of society.
11.40 Ex-employees of Coca-Cola, fighting for years against the closure of the local factory of the multinational, alongside the workers VIOME.
11.20 Over 100 gathered in solidarity to VIOME at a stiflingly narrow space outside the bankruptcy court. Police have begun harassing and asking the protesters to leave the site. The auction is scheduled for 12.00.
11.10 “Have the van ready for arrests” the head of the police operation just said on the radio.
11.00 The hall of the bankruptcy court is chock full of police of all colours. Supporters of VIOME keep coming. Employees of public broadcaster ERT3, of Coka-Cola, school guards and many more are present today to show their support.
10.50 The situation is calm currently outside the bankruptcy court. Supporters keep turning up.

10.40 Very strong police force outside the room on the second floor of the courthouse of Thessaloniki, where is scheduled for 12.00 the auction for the sale of the plot of land of FILKERAM, parent company of VIOME. About 50 workers and solidarity supporters of VIOME are gathered here, more are expected before 11.00.

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