The vampires of power acting in the dark found the “right” moment to cut off the power of the self-managed factory of Vio.Me. at 6:30 in the morning 30/3/20. They had the crane ready and with the support of 2 SWAT squads, which means a political command, they functioned like the Greek governments of the 50s who executed the fighters in the dark so that the people would not react. We also denounce the PPC “colleagues” who collaborated as executors in the same act.
We demand the immediate reconnection of the power supply.
And all this while we are in the process with the Ministry of Labor for the full legalization of self-managed factory of Vio.Me. 
And while they know that we produce personal and home hygiene products, which are of primary importance to society.
In solidarity,
Workers at SEVIO.ME
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