Dishwashing Liquid Concentrated Ecological 500ml/1.5L/4L

New concentrated ecological liquid for washing dishes in 500ml, 1.5L and 4L packages.

The concentrated product for the dishes of S.E. VIO.ME. is a last generation recipe, which satisfies in the best possible way the needs of cleaning and degreasing, as well as maintaining the integrity of the hydrolipidic layer of the epidermis and human skin.

Contains (regulation no. 648/2004): <5% anionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants.


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Additional information
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1,5 Λίτρο, 4 Λίτρα, 500ml

Instructions for use::

Being a very rich recipe, you must follow the dilution instructions below:

Soft water

0 – 15 °F

Medium water

15 – 30 °F

Hard water

> 30 °F

 Slightly dirty dishes 5 mL 7 mL 10 mL
 Very dirty dishes 12 mL 15 mL 18 mL
 Attention: The dosages apply to a 5 liter sink.
One tablespoon contains approximately 15 mL of product.

Put the necessary dose on the crockery and let water run, preferably lukewarm. A rich foam will form. After you have completely cleaned the crockery, run it under running water and rinse well.