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The workers of VIO.ME. struggling and free from bosses, we resist, despite all the pressures and the “secret” procedures that are carried out. We insist on being workers, and inside the factory with our main request “the factories and the management of wealth, to those who produce”.

With all the proposals and actions in the daily participation, and with constant information according to what we have co-decided with the society that surrounds us, we continue. We have as a flag our absolute freedom since we do not wait for the best days that are promised to us, but instead we all decided together to make our days better ourselves. Today for us, but also as a proposal to the afflicted society.

We have decided not to hand over the part of the factory that we own to whoever tries to harm what we have decided and proposed to the society and to political factions and ministries.

We did everything in our power for a comprehensive solution in order to solve the issue of the operation of the factory with proposals in every direction without listening to any counter-argument or counter-proposal. So, whatever happens from now on, the authorities and our “democratic” representatives are fully responsible.

We insist on fighting for the right to work and for dignity.

The products produced by us, the workers in this factory, carry a message… The message of a completely different life, from the way we work, to our relationship with the environment.

For this reason, we have chosen the production of entirely and exclusively natural – ecological cleaners and natural personal care products, supporting those voices that declare that to clean our homes or our workplaces we do not need to burden the environment, we do not need to burden our health or that of our children.

Our grandmothers and their own grandmothers knew well how to combine various materials they had in their kitchen, cleaning effectively. Against the big industries and their advertising campaigns, which try to convince us that the most important thing is the duration of the wild rose fragrance, we answer that the most important thing is not to suffer from skin or respiratory diseases or health problems resulting from the chronic use of chemicals, you don’t have to wash a dish for 10 minutes wasting liters of precious water, you don’t have to abuse the washing machine to clean your clothes and, above all, you don’t have to starve to wash, paying a whole wage just to buy detergents.

Above all, however, the message that our products carry is that we, the workers and the unemployed, must take our lives into our own hands, fight decisively against the brutality of modern reality, to get rid of exploitation and centuries of oppression. At Cooperative BIOME we despise those heavy perfumes, which are usually needed to mask the stench of labor exploitation and impoverishment. We choose solidarity, worker control over production, self-direction through the workers’ assembly and direct democracy in decisions, showing a difficult but at the same time necessary path.

The time is now, the place is here, and the fight turns the gears and pushes the levers to change our lives.

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