Tomorrow the crucial court for our struggle. Tuesday 8th July, everybody in Thessaloniki’s Courthouse
Tomorrow morning, on Tuesday 8th July at 09:00, let us all be in Thessaloniki’s Courthouse, to defend the promising project of VIOME workers.

 • We will not allow the acceptance of the ex-administration request, who is aiming to return to the administration of the factory.

• We will not leave VIOME to be led to bankruptcy, which would lead to the evacuation of the factory, the dismissal of the workers without compensation and the cancelling of their requests.

 • Let the machinations of the family Filippou collapse – The Filipou Family has been sentenced to more than ten years in prison, and yet, they are still not serving the sentence.

• The factories to the workers, the production to those who produce wealth, the debts to the bosses who created them.

For almost three years now, the workers of VIOME, have been giving an uncommon and continuous struggle. It is a struggle for survival for them and their families. It is also a struggle that opens the way for the self-management of the workers, for a society with equality and freedom, without poverty, unemployment and wretchedness. It is a struggle that has the following motto on its flags: “Worker, you can make it without any bosses, the gear cannot turn without you”.

 Thousands of people in solidarity, unemployed, workers, trade unions in the field of industry, commerce, services and agriculture, organizations, community clinics and solidarity networks, individuals but also collectives from all the spectrum of social life, locals, immigrants, in Greece but also from all over the world, all these years have helped and supported our struggle.

Let them all understand it, all those people who seek a grip on the factory, who are trying to come back to the factory in order to finish the speculative desertion/dissolution they started two years ago, all those who are afraid of the expansion of the example of VIOME: The crack this struggle opened will not close. The self-management of the workers in VIOME is here to stay. Viome will stay in the workers’ hands.

Tomorrow on Tuesday 8/7, from 9 o’clock in the morning, we will all be at the Courthouse of Thessaloniki, to give our answer.

 Direct Democracy in the base Self-management in the production

Open Initiative of solidarity and support to the workers of VIOME
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