Responding to the demands of our time, but also to the demands of the people who have been supporting our products and our struggle for years, we have proceeded to remove palm kernel oil from the production of ALL of our products.

Although from our earliest productions, we used sustainably produced palm kernel oil, we chose – perhaps slowly – to completely remove it from our production and replace it by playing a small part in protecting the forests of Indonesia and the Amazon and in the awakening of the community regarding environmental issues related to the use of palm oil, such as deforestation, the greenhouse effect, etc.

We strive to continually improve our products, staying true to our principles, and evolving to meet the needs of our community and our solidarity supporters!

As a result of the above improvement in all of our products, we proceeded with the production of soap bars with biodynamic olive oil. Biodynamic farming works as well as organic farming, where no chemical substances and fertilizers are used, and it goes a step further, taking into account the interaction of several factors, such as soil fertility, agriculture and livestock, to properly activate the hidden potential of the plant.

After many months of trials, trial productions, a trial period and lots of artistry, we can introduce you to the new products that you can now supply from our e-shop!

In solidarity,
workers of VIO.ME.

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